Happiness Guaranteed.

Happy, Healthy Dachshunds

Our Dachshunds are a part of our family and we want them to be a part of yours!

Guaranteed for Life

My Dachshunds are bred with their health and temperaments in mind which is why I guarantee my dachshunds for life. We know a Hielscher Dachshund, is a happy Dachshund and you should never have to worry about their happiness!


Does your Hielscher Dachshund need their ears lowered? Treat your dachshund to a doggy spa day and I will make them look and smell brand new! Give me a call and set up an appointment and I will make them look their best!


Would you like to use your vacation time without worrying about where your Hielscher Dachshund will sleep? Set up an appointment and let your Dachshund spend some one on one time with some of their closest relatives!

Happy Hielscher Dachshund Owners

  • What’s so wonderful about Gayle is at any time you get to stop at her home. See your dog as he or she grows up. Every time I went to Gayle’s home I was welcomed in to her family dinner, birthday party, fishing in the back pond. I met so many wonderful people in this family and spent many hours surrounded by Dachshunds what’s better than that. Gayle raises all her babies/puppies right in her home.

    Susan Sherwood
  • Gayle is one of the nicest people I’ve met. She took time out of her Saturday night to fully answer all of our questions, and treated us as if we’ve been great friends for years. She is a wealth of information and was extremely helpful in deciding what we wanted our next best friend to be. While we were there, we got to sit, observe, hold, and pet more than 15 little angels. I have no doubt that when we want to add another best friend to our family, we’ll definitely come straight to Gayle first. If you want to find a new best friend and a responsible and caring breeder, I recommend coming to Hielscher Dachshunds.

    Aaron Scholl
  • We got our first daschund from Gail late September. Our boy is named Jack and he is a love bug. Keeps us entertained for hours on end. He is a wonderful addition to our family. Can’t say enough about Gail and her philosophies regarding the ultimate care of this delightful breed.

    Amy Brickner-Carroll

Gayle Sanitate

I’m Gayle Sanitate and I have been breeding and showing miniature dachshunds exclusively for over 35 years. I have traveled to several places studying pedigrees and upholding the “Standards of the Dachshund”. My passion is to create dachshunds that have perfect temperaments, beautiful coats, and a strong conformation. I take pride in my miniature dachshunds, and love them unconditionally.

Our #1 priority is to provide all our dachshunds with the highest quality of life. Located on a 4 acre property, they each have a chance to partake in wild adventures amongst the leaves and trees, chase frogs near the pond, warm up by a fire, or simply hang out in the shade. They also have their own play area where they can run freely with their peers, playing, wrestling, digging, and chasing each other to their hearts content. Our dachshunds are not simply kennel dogs, they are our family, each with their own loving, and playful personalities.

We have a small community of dedicated dog enthusiasts and we love to get together and share our common passion “Miniature Dachshunds.” We share experiences, challenges and interesting stories, as well as our dachshunds! Our circle of friends has made it possible for us to produce really fabulous, loving, and care free dachshunds. As time moves forward our community just keeps getting bigger and better and I hope that you too can be a part of it.

We take great pride and pleasure that our puppies go to wonderful pet homes. We only let them go where they will be loved as an important, cherished member of a family. We do not ever sell to anyone that we don’t think is going to absolutely love and adore these wonderful dogs. We believe the world could be a better place if there was a dachshund in every living room if not a few underfoot.

Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me any time for anything,I enjoy answering everyone's questions no matter what it may be! Whether it's inquiring about new litters, asking about grooming or boarding, or just to asking for help about raising your dachshund, I'll be more than happy to respond!

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